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Friday, June 06, 2008

Knitting Going On

It's been awhile, but there has been quite a bit of knitting going on. The only thing I can show you is my progress on the plus size version of Sesame, but I've also been working on my submission for Popknits. Popknits will debut in the Fall and will be dedicated to free vintage inspired knitting patterns with a modern twist. The design is something totally different for me and while it probably won't be for everyone, I think it's a really fun, unique kind of sweater. Sound intriguing? Sorry, you'll have to wait til September to take a peek!

Plus Size Sesame Progress

For the new Sesame, I decided to try out some Merino Soft from Knitpicks because, well, it's cheap! I've also had several friends make sweaters out of this yarn and they've been pretty happy with the results. So I picked out Storm and Fog and away I went. It's been perfect subway knitting. The yarn is working out really nicely and I love the colors together. Since horizontal stripes are usually on the "no-no" list for ladies with curves, I toyed with the idea of making it all solid. I decided in the end not to go that route, but to make the stripes about 3/4" smaller than the original.

Also keep your eyes out for the new Knitty when it's released soon! I'm excited to be a contributer this time around. Just got the final pattern to check last weekend, so hopefully any day now.........

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