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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Expectant Little Knits

Here are my 2 designs that were in Expectant Little Knits! My first book published designs for 2008:

Lacy Babydoll [Ravelry Link]

Lacy Babydoll

Purple Rain Sleeveless Tunic [Ravelry Link]

Purple Rain Tunic

This design project was really a challenge to me. Fitting a non-pregnant body is one thing, but maternity sweaters need a few more tricks added in for a proper fit. I used Big Girl knits quite a bit to learn how short rows can help add a little room in the places exactly where it's needed. I was a little worried when I sent them off not really knowing if they would fit the models or not, but judging from the final product, I think I can safely say I did ok!


gleek said...

very cute knits! i love that lacy number :)

Craptina said...

Great tunic- what a challenge to fit for special needs. Pregnant ladies need some cute knits too.

schrodinger said...

Very impressive work - what a challenge. And they look great!!

dlittlegarden said...

Sweet! Congratulations, Melissa!

Connie said...

These are both beautiful, Melissa!

OrangeJuicy said...

ha! I saw that book at Barnes&Noble and I wanted to buy it even though I'm not preg. Such cute stuff in it!

Robert & Anjanette said...

I checked this book out from the library yesterday and yours were my fave designs! :)