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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Preparing for "Represent"

The Yarn Harlot will be at my alma mater, FIT tonight to kick off her new book release! I wish I could join in on more festivities of the day, such as a sock picture in the park, being in the crowd at the Today Show, or participating in a yarn crawl - but this girl's gotta work for a living and taking off for the day is not an option. I'm happy enough to be able to join the (hopefully) 750 knitters in the auditorium at 6pm. It's going to be great!

Speaking of work, it has been crazier than normal lately. We are preparing for Holiday 2007 market and the new sweater designs have been flying off the imac the past week and a half. I estimate my assistant and I have put out another 100-75 sweater styles in just this short time. I need a vacation!

The upswing in my full time job has put my knitting on hold for the minute, hence delaying the "series" a bit. I'm just way too tired when I get home to even think about picking up my knitting, let alone writing a blog post about math. I'm sure you all sympathize!

I need to get back in the swing of things soon though, I have many projects on the horizon. Take a look at my newest yarn shipment from One Planet:

Secret Project Yarn

This will eventually become 3 secret projects. Yes, we will be back in the secret phase soon!

And I also received my Rowan DK Wool for the baby project. The color is a bit brighter than I expected, but since I'm a green person I don't mind! I need to get this on the needles quick and find out when the shower is. That's the problem when it's the boy's family - info doesn't get passed down quite as quickly!

I hope to see some other NYC knitters tonight! Represent! :)


Kelly said...

Ooh, can't wait to see what you make of that yarn. The city's gonna be crazy with knitters! I'm bummed I won't be joining in on all the fun. Have a good time:)

frecklegirl jess said...

Oh man, if I hadn't just got back from NY... hope you guys all have fun!

That is some seriously pretty yarn you've got there.

Moni said...

Have fun with the Harlot! Can't wait to see what your newest One Planet projects will be :)

schrodinger said...

The Harlot was fun wasn't it?

That yarn looks seriously yummy.

Claudine said...

Sorry I missed you tonight! That woudl have been funny since the lat time I saw you was at Knitty City seeing the Harlot. Don't be a stranger, come back to SnB at the Point on Tuesdays!

MeBeth said...

Hope you had fun at the Harlot-fest, I'm kinda sad I missed all the festivities. The yarn is lovely!

|chee-uh| said...

I tried to do the gang symbol but my fingers got confused. Imagine knitting gangs? What up sheep? Flash your hand-dyed, variegated colourways yo! Don't make throw your yarn up in the telephone wires.
I look away for a few weeks and you all these new gorgeous patterns. Sigh. They are very lovely.

|chee-uh| said...

oops i meant "don't make ME throw" no "make throw up." Eww..

Connie said...

I hope you had fun at the Harlot talk. I just had a moment of panic when I thought I received the Lanas on Feb 9 which would make my design due in a few days, but looking back on my emails, it was March 9 - and so I should have a few more weeks. Whew! ;)

Lovely yarn by the way, can't wait to see what you'll come up with next! :)