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Thursday, April 06, 2006

It's Been a Strange Week

It's been such a strange week! I don't know if it's the time change, the snow, or the planets doing something funky - maybe even all three? Whatever it is, I hope it stops soon! Here's a small recap of what's been going down in the knitting universe.


Here is a picture of my finished sock carelessly thrown on top of my junk. Why haven't I started a second sock? Well, I was a silly girl and thought I could carry around size 1 needles in my messenger bag for 3 days and not end up with broken needles. When I got to LIC SnB Tuesday night I surveyed the damage - 2 needles broken. So no sister for this sock until I replace the needles.

DB's sweater (formally known as the fiance sweater):
I'm tired of calling him "my fiance" so now he will be referred to as "DB" :) This sorry piece of knitting is what is left after I ripped out 10" of stockinette and went down a pattern size. Now it is the correct size and I can knit on in all it's boring jersey glory.


I've had another pattern selected for Magknits! This is my second pattern to be accepted and will be in either the June or July issue. I've been in math land for a few days and cast on (for the fourth time) tonight. It needs to be completed by May 15th, so I better get moving! This pushed back plans for another pattern, but they'll all get done eventually!

And finally for PS April I've decided to revisit an abandoned sweater from 2 years ago:

It's a wrap sweater from Phildar. My row gauge didn't quite match the pattern, but I apparently threw caution to the wind and ended up with a front that was much longer than the back. Not to mention I started to run out of yarn. So I will be frogging, re-drafting the pattern and re-knitting for April. Doubt I'll finish, but at least it has been pulled out to see the light of day once more!


Kelly said...

Congrats on having your pattern accepted by Magknits. You're on fire with your designing! Bummer about having to rip DB's sweater, at least you'll know it will fit perfectly.

Jen said...

Congrats on the Magknits pattern!
I'm impressed with your motivation of ripping and redoing too! So not fun.

cynic the lamb said...

Yeah, there is something strange in the air these days it seems. I have been experiencing weird knitting mishaps all week myself so I hear ya. Congratulations on getting another pattern into MagKnits! That's great! Which pattern is it? (Have I seen this one before?)

Alison said...

Congrats on the pattern!

Neat sock; sorry about the DPN. I can't have anything but metal under size 3s because I'm a klutz (step on my knitting bag, sit on the knitting bag).

pearl said...

congrats on having another pattern chosen. that's super!

goodkarma said...

I can't wait to see what your new MagKnits creation will be! How exciting!

curlypurly said...

congratulations! I have gone to using magic loop and addis for anything knit on 1 or smaller. I break them while knitting, never mind while carrying them around.

Debi said...

Your patterns are lovely, congrats on having another one accepted!

I second Curly...switch to Magic Loop for those on the go socks!

sturdygirl said...

hi! i'm curious about your phildar wrap - hope you can revive the mojo on that project. re: your green lace cardigan, can you suggest other yarns for those of us who are afraid of mohair? (unless it's in the pdf of the pattern, in which case i can find out for myself when i buy it)