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Monday, April 24, 2006

Little Fashion Series Coming Soon

Sorry for the boring, pictureless posts - but again only secret knitting and 7 more inches of boring jersey DB sweater knitting going on here!

I'm excited that some of you are interested in my experience as a designer in the industry and I'm sorry that I haven't quite gotten around to writing anything about it yet. I figured out that it takes a bit more research to write about something informational than just rambling about my current knitting project!

I hope to have something up before the end of the week. I'm going to start off with a short little bit how to get into the industry - and not all the signs point to going to fashion school. Then I'll move into the in's and out's of my experiences so far. After that maybe we'll talk a little bit of trend and color for Fall 06. If that seems a bit ahead, take into consideration that I'm working on Spring 07 already!

A short little knitting news tidbit - my two broken 5" Brittney DP have been replaced! Now I can finish my other chameleon sock - well, if I had time! I also bought some 2's and 3's this weekend. I just love these needles!


gleek said...

i'm looking forward to your series!! i recently let loose my little secret for great colors and that's to visit pantone's website at every season to see their analysis of the runway colors and styles. they also do a forecast of colors for upcoming seasons. it's one of my favorite places for inspiration!

Kelly said...

Oooh! I'm really looking forward to this series. I've always been interested in fashion, but am somewhat in the dark about how the industry works. Yay!

Karin said...

Hi melissa, This post is a little OT - I've been reading your blog for a while now - looking forward to your series as well. I actually have a question about one of your knit-a-longs. I was admiring your "Lucky" cardigan but noticed comments on the KAL host site about issues with the pattern. I didn't want to buy the book and get find I couldn't work around the errors. How did you find the pattern? I'm a fairly experienced knitter - do you think it's worth trying - the design is really so tempting.

dirtgirl said...

what a great idea for a series, melissa. I'm looking forward to it.

And it's none of my business, but I don't think any of us readers expect your posts to be meticulously researched and fact checked. I think it's just as interesting to hear what the day-to-day is like working in your field.

But this may be the advice of a selfish reader who just wants to know what fall '06 will look like, dammit!