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Friday, January 30, 2009

Le Starfish

In between working on a few deadline projects, I've been stealing away a few minutes at a time to work on a new beret for my awesome new bright pink coat I got for Christmas. I had a hard time choosing between Le Slouch and a Trinity stitch beret, but ended up settling with Le Slouch.

I decided to use a thinner yarn to make it a bit smaller and the sizing seems to be just about right, but the decreases for the crown are really bugging me. I decided to change them up a bit from the pattern because I felt they were looking a little funky and I made the decreases true right/left leaning. Not a good idea in gold yarn or a texture pattern for that matter. It looks more like Le Starfish instead of a cool Le Slouch.


Went back to Ravelry and checked out some other versions using the correct decreases and they look fine. Now I just need to rip back and see what I can do. If it's still no good I think a second Gretel is in my immediate future.


Elinor said...

Until you said starfish, I didn't notice. It might be all in the eye of the knitter? Good luck with it, whatever you decide to do!

subliminalrabbit said...

i totally don't see starfish either but... you're the one who has to wear it!

Marie-france said...

I rather like the way it is!