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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Stolen Moments

For the past few weeks, somehow I've been free of deadline knitting and have very much welcomed the little moments of knitting something for myself.

alligator scarf #2

In between all of the selfish projects, I've also completed another Alligator scarf for my sister's boss to give as a gift. This scarf is really a fun project and definitely wasn't any less fun the second time around. It's fun to see each section quickly become a complete alligator. I hope she wears it well!

Desert Sun shawl

I've been steadily working on Desert Sun, but it's had it's moments of frustration. A few weeks back I had dropped 4 stitches - 15 rows down. Argh! After a bit of breathing room, I picked it up last week and corrected the stitches. I then proceeded to drop 4 more stitches, but luckily saw them before they had the chance to go more than 3 rows down.


After working on the shawl all day yesterday, I was inspired by another knitters finished Meret on Ravelry to start one of my own. I had some leftover Lanas Puras Melosa Worsted from the Urban wrap and cast on right away at 10:30pm. I lost total track of time and was surprised to see that several hours had gone by and it was 1am. I haven't gotten lost in my knitting like that in quite some time. It felt really good.

Today I finished it up and it's blocking as I write. I hope it will be dry by tomorrow, it's gotten pretty cold here again so I'd love to be able to take it out on the town.

I always used to shy away from quick projects. If it wasn't a sweater, I wasn't interested. But I have found that there is a certain sense of accomplishment in being able to complete something in a day or two. While I will probably never fall into the category of an instant gratification knitter, now I know it never hurts to change things up every once in awhile and you get a finished object instantly wearable out of the deal. Not bad!

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