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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Office Update

Well, meet my temporary home office. Do you like the swift? Adds a nice touch, right? This will be my work space until I can go back to the office on Monday.

Temporary office

Don't mind all the monitors, the big dinosaur on the right blew out a few weeks ago and needs to be carried down to be recycled. The new shiny one is now jealously hiding behind the mac.

As you can see, the mac was fine. Luckily, the water damage was confined to the floor and the sprinklers didn't go off overhead. There was a bunch of sweaters that were on my floor that got wet, but most of it wasn't too bad. Thank goodness for imac with no cpu towers!

It was still quite a mess when I got into work on Tuesday and wasn't much better yesterday. They had the fans and dehumidifiers out in full force. It smelled like beer. Probably not a good sign.

Wednesday was our holiday party and we still couldn't turn anything on. They kept us busy making birthday cards for our Nov/Dec/Jan b-day babies. Glue, jewels and markers. Designers are very easily entertained. After lunch we got out the scrabble board and played until it was time to go party.

Our holiday parties are always a surprise and always tons of fun. One year was a scavenger hunt, one year bowling and karaoke, next year party bus and salsa lessons. This year our only clue was it was going to be more mature, but fun. More mature doesn't usually sound very fun, so we were skeptical.

So gathered at 5pm and were given aprons. Hmm, are we cooking? Sure were! We went around the corner to Rustico Cooking, learned some cooking skills and made our own dinner. I chose the red snapper table (with a chef that will be on the next Top Chef!) and caught the tail end of the demonstration on the hazelnut chocolate cake. We also had shrimp and asparagus lasagna, garlic mashed potatoes, fillet mignon, the red snapper and the hazelnut chocolate cake with chocolate sauce and vanilla bean ice cream. The cake was absolutely heavenly. Favorite dish of the night by a mile. Everything else was pretty good too.


Jessica said...

Yeah, that's a lot of monitors... but your office parties sound way cooler than any others I've heard about. Cooking classes? That's awesome! :)

meg said...

That sounds like a fantastic office party! Even with the smell of beer... although, that can be a feature of a good party too. ;)

Connie said...

Your office party sounds like a lot of work - though fun work. I'm lazy. Give me cookies and brownies - chairs to sit in and a Christmas tree to look at ;)