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Monday, June 18, 2007

Somewhat Personal Knitting

I'm taking a short, very short much needed break to work on something that doesn't involve a deadline. (Lisa, if you're reading this, you might just want to click that little "x" in the corner now!) I'm really supposed to be working on 2 other projects right now, but shhhhhh! You guys won't tell, right? ;)

I'm remaking Grannie Smith in Lanas Puras Melosa and it's flying off the needles. I love KSH, I really, really do! Sometimes a girl just needs a yarn that goes on the needles, comes off the needles and behaves when you want it to. This fingering weight yarn is a bit thicker than the KSH, but it gives the sweater a completely new look - and did I mention it knits up at the same gauge?

Grannie Smith 2 front

Also, our company is doing a little construction to our showroom for the month of June and July. Take a look at my new view from the 24th floor!

View from temp office

Closeup of view from temp office

It's a far cry from my dark dingy cubicle on the 7th floor! There are 8 of us crammed in this conference room (including our boss!), but honestly I don't want to have to move back! I have a river view for goodness sake!


schrodinger said...

Nice view - I get jealous when I meet with people in the 'outside' offices of our building, there's some nice views to be had. Then I go back to my little box, le sigh. Enjoy it and enjoy the selfish knitting, you need it!!

Connie said...

I've been meaning to do your Grannie Smith forever and have the yarn (Jaggerspun Zephyr) ready, but right after I bought the pattern is when I started trying to design too. I'm interested in seeing what it looks like in the Lanas Puras. And I won't tell about your playing hooky from deadline knitting :) Hope you're well!

goodkarma said...

What a lovely substitution for your Grannie Smith! I love the colorway you chose.

Jealous that you have a window to look out during the day... enjoy it!!

Jessica said...

Wow, that might be the first personal knitting I've ever seen on your needles!
Sorry I missed you on Friday--hopefully we'll see each other soon!

sturdygirl said...

pretty! the lanas puras does give it a completely different look. enjoy your deadline-free project! and how terrific that you have a view. i think it adds so much to your day to have something interesting to look at. :)