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Sunday, December 03, 2006

You Have to See This!

If you don't happen to know of Lolly's blog, and haven't seen this, you really need to go take a look! NPR's ornaments are hilarious!

I finished the KSH maternity sweater! Yay! One down, five to go! Back to work...

P.S. Thanks to everyone who left nice comments about Georgia! You guys are so supportive and I really appreciate it!


Debi said...

Just wanted to say Georgia is stunning! And thanks for remembering that us fluffy girls want cute sweaters too! :)

Jessica said...

Wow, you are speedy!!! Weren't you just working on that sweater on Friday?
Can't wait to see it. Even if I don't intend to be preggers for a while. :)

Connie said...

5 more to go? Wow. I know you have another Maternity sweater, but which are the other 4? I hope you're having a chance to relax too!