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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Why Ravelry is So Awesome.......

Well, at least one of many reasons why Ravelry is awesome.

Stocking #2

About 2 weeks ago, I decided that I should probably get started on my Mom's Christmas stocking that was actually a gift last year. I figured it would probably be a good thing if I gave to her around Thanksgiving so she could put it up this Christmas as promised. Yes, I had to keep that promise.

Now, I had made the same stocking for my Grandmother and completed it back in April. I had bought 2 balls of Ecru, one ball of blue for hers, and one ball of red for my Mom's. What was left of the ecru, I split into 2 yarn cakes since I'm knitting with 2 strands. It looked a little short, but I had confidence I'd make it without a problem.

So I set out knitting and the ecru didn't seem like it was going to cut it, but I still had faith. I knit and knit and knit yesterday for hours and hours. I got to the point of starting the heel and guess what? I have about 15 yards of yarn left in each cake. No worries, I'll just get some more from Elann.com.

So I go onto Elann today and guess what (you probably know where we're going here)? Ecru either isn't being sold anymore or is out of stock. Panic mode sets in. Luckily a little sense is still left in my head and I think "what about Ravelry?" I quickly click over and thank goodness! A knitter has 2 balls of Ecru for sale!!!! I don't get too happy as I've been fooled before and crossed my fingers as I sent off a message to the seller.

Tonight I heard back from the seller, and yes it was available and she'd mail it tomorrow! Happy day! Seriously, how did we ever make it before Ravelry?


gleek said...

i love ravelry for this reason too :)

Jocelyn said...

I'm working on a cuff-to-cuff baby kimono jacket and it's supposed to require 2 skeins of sock yarn. I bought 2 skeins of Shibui no less, and I ran out with about an inch to go. A generous Raveler sent me 4 yards so I can (hopefully) finish it! I'm starting to forget what life was like before Ravelry, and I can't imagine how we survived :-).

Cobbalicious said...

I just had the same thing happen the other week -- someone got me that last extra skein I needed, and in the same dye lot! What a great feeling.