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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Stupid DSL!

My DSL has been down at home for about a week now. Hope to be back up soon and give a full rundown how all the craziness is shaping up so I can remind myself not to do this ever, ever again! I thank all of you who left encouraging comments in my last post! I'm glad you have faith in me that I can get everything done, it helps when I start to loose the faith in myself!

In the meantime, I saw this cute backpack in my ideal bite email to day and wanted to share.
They have some other cute knitted goods on the site too. Even better, they are hand-knit by a group of women who belong to a knit collective in Kenya.


carrie said...

oh, i love that owl!

Connie said...

that really is adorable.
so sorry about the dsl problems. ugh. i hate to be not connected - but then again, i check my email obsessively as you know :)

Craptina said...

I hate when that happens, it's makes you realize how dependant we have become to the internet.
Hang in there mama, it's almost over. what's the word on the dress?