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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Knitting Along

I started another secret project for Black Pearl Yarns about 3 weeks back. Body is done and sleeves are done, just need to block and assemble! Yay!

Slip Stitch Jacket Start

In a moment of weakness, I started my Slip Stitch Jacket even though the secret project was not finished. It kept my hands from getting too tired by switching between the two projects, so I guess that doesn't make it too bad! My goal is to finish before Rhinebeck, but we'll see how it goes.

Grannie #2 Buttons

I also need to finish up Grannie #2. The weather is almost right for this little number. Bought some pretty buttons today and just need to finish up the button placket and the neck trim. My goal is to finish by the end of the week.

Still need to take some professional pictures for my next pattern offering too. It's so hard to pin down some time on the weekend for this! I hope it cools down a little and doesn't rain this Saturday!


Craptina said...

oh man, it's so suspenceful reading your blog! Can't wait to see the fo's......

schrodinger said...

All these secrets - must be killing you. Hope the wedding preps are going well.

Knit*Six said...

I thought Granny #1 was great, but I have to say I LOVE Granny #2 :-) Just looking at the close-up, I feel like I want to snuggle up in it and spend a cozy day with knitting and cocoa... Well, maybe when our D.C. weather cools down a bit. Thanks, as always, for the inspiration!