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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Green Living

I came across this post today from Right Out Loud about living greener. I just figured I'd share on behalf of Knitters Against Global Warming.

This also makes me think about what I have done to live a little greener since I started this little thing back in January. Well, being in the city it's easy to utilize public transportation, so that feels like cheating. But I have contacted the electric company and changed to wind generated power, buy local when I can and only drive my car sparingly when I am back home in Jersey. Every little bit helps right!

If you have posted about living greener on your blog (even if it hasn't been recent), drop me a line and I'll post a link here. Sharing ideas is just one of the many ways to help make a difference!


Knit*Six said...

Living in DC, we tend to walk or take Metro wherever we need to go. In fact, our Volvo hasn't moved from its parking space since November! Once we realized that, we decided to sell it, and just rent a (fuel-efficient) car when we need to drive. We also replaced all of our light bulbs with the "green" alternative--IKEA's aren't too flourescent-y, and they don't heat up the house in the summer. Thanks for promoting eco-friendliness!

Right Out Load said...

Thanks for the link, it's true if we share our ideas, they'll encourage others. I also just started replacing my bulbs with the CF variety. They come in all shapes and wattages now, even as 3 ways.

I'm tagging you - this means you must post 7 randoms facts about yourself in your blog, and then tag 7 other bloggers by leaving them a comment. It's appearantly spreading like wildfire, all the kids are doing it.

laptitelili said...

Hi! I feel very concerned too; here in Europe (France), we also had a terribly warm winter. I think buying local products as far as possible is a good way to avoid CO2 emissions. And we can do that for yarn too...