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Monday, February 05, 2007

Brrrrrr! Chilly Weekend!

The temperature just keeps falling, falling, falling and my mittens aren't getting knit quick enough! It took me just a few extra minutes getting out of the house this morning so I could get to work. Who likes 15 degree weather? Not me!

Yesterday, DB and I ventured out into the 28 degree weather to visit the Merchants House Museum and then some lunch and shopping in Soho. If you are into the Edith Warton era, you HAVE to go to this museum. The house was built in 1832 and purchased in 1835 by Seabury Treadwell. The house was sold in 1933 when the last surviving daughter passed away and has been a museum ever since. All the furniture, clothing and linens in the house were owned by the family and are original to the house. It is a time capsule that remained unchanged for almost 100 years while occupied!

Here is a bad picture of the outside, the sun wasn't co-operating and I was too cold to be a perfectionist!

Afterwards, we got a bite to eat and then headed over to Purl Patchwork. I couldn't resist getting some fabric for the Weekender Bag pattern I had bought last summer. I love the little bees and Anemoi does too! The polka dots will be for the lining and the straps.

I think I have become obsessed by sewing again. I spent all weekend looking through Sew U and dreaming of new clothes. I even went so far as to grab my patternmaking book and old notes from class at FIT. But it might be too early to tell, the machine is still yet to come out of the closet. I'll keep you posted on this one!


Moni said...

I absolutely love your mittens! I need to make some of those. I've almost worn out my gloves I've had to wear them so freaking much this year. (I'm soo done with winter).

Connie said...

Oh no, we're not going to lose you to sewing, are we? ;)

Didn't go out at all this weekend, but ventured outside today for errands and it was frigidly cold (15 degrees). Thanks for the tip about the Merchant musuem. It's one I've been meaning to go to.

gleek said...

my god, chilly is right! it's totally brick outside!

your anemoi mitt has turned out nice. now you just need to work on #2 so that both hands are warm.

Veronique said...

Oh, I love the bee fabric! It'll be perfect for the Weekender... Now get cracking on the second Anemoi!

schrodinger said...

Ooooh, I hope you get #2 done quick so you can fully appreciate your mitts in this nasty weather.

The weekender bag will look so cool in that fabric.

dlittlegarden said...

Great fabric! I have Sew U too, but haven't attempted any sewing yet. I'm hording runway pictures on my laptop as inspiration. Can't wait to see that Weekender bag.

cynic the lamb said...

Great fabrics! And the mitten looks lovely, too.

Katy said...

Who did you have for patternmaking? I took a class (night school)with this enormous guy who was SO in love with his own voice...frustrating.

Jessica said...

What cute bee fabric! That is going to make a really cute Weekender Bag. :)

Elinor said...

The mittens and fabric both look great!!!!