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Thursday, November 02, 2006

More Yummy Yarn

Today I received more yummy yarn for my other maternity sweater project for Lark Books. (You guys are so smart! How did you ever guess!)

sundara worsted

This would be Sundara Yarn Worsted Weight Merino in a beautiful chocolate brown color she dyed up special for the project. The editor wanted a dark mahogany or chocolately brown color and added one more week to my deadline to accommodate the search for new yarn. Man am I glad to have a hand dyer on my side! Sundara, as always, did a wonderful job.

And in Blue cashmere sweater news: I started one front, then at a major graphing decreasing point, I realized I left my graph paper and sketchbook at work! Luckily I had some stitch holders with me and had just finished a ball of yarn, so I just started the other front, ahem, 3 times. That's better than the first front though, I restarted that at least 5 times. And would you believe I made the exact same mistake in the exact same place in the pattern on both front pieces?

I think that we have a new curse on our hands.

I call it the "Every 3rd Sweater Curse." Every 3rd sweater I design tries it's best to torture me. It doesn't even matter if it's difficult lace or just plain old stockinette - it makes no difference. I've made it out alive and have lived to design again for the others, so hopefully this one will not be any different!


schrodinger said...

That yarn is lovely, such a rich color.

Sorry the blue cashmere is out to 'challenge' you, good luck with the rest of it, sounds like you'll be needing it.

schrodinger said...

I mean you'll be needing it with that dastardly 3rd sweater curse.

Lisa said...

Gosh, that chocolate merino is luscious looking. Must. Have. Some.

ellie said...

That brown is gorgeous. I just love the look of little yarn cakes. :)

gleek said...

mmmm, that is definitely some yummy looking yarn!

Jessica said...

Pretty brown yarn!
And that blue sweater is proving to be an awful lot of trouble--I hope it's over soon!

Moni said...

Melissa, are you saying your are pregnant? Was that what you were hinting at? If so Congratulations!!! what wonderful news!