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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Before and After

So this was my front yesterday.....

And this is my front today.....

Somehow it doesn't even hurt. Frogging really isn't too bad, then again, I didn't exactly have much to frog. The fairisle actually knits up very quickly and having half your stitches bound off for the next make it even quicker. I've already started my sleeve though, so finishing the front will have to wait til the needles are free -- though I'm sure I probably have another set of 6's around somewhere.

Still haven't even thought about blocking or sewing Lucky together. I guess that's the nice thing about not having a deadline this time around -- there is no need to stay up til 4 in the morning to sew on 62 1/2" of neckband!

So I was just browsing around the net, looking at other knitter's blogs that I have been backed up on for weeks and I wondered onto Glampyre's blog. She has two very cute patterns for sale that are very tempting: Orangina and One Skein Wonder Orangina is knit in Rowan 4ply -- one of my favorites (and knit on size 3's too -- how perfect)! Hmm, could this be one more thing to add onto my wish list.....just what I need!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Back in the saddle again

FIfrontback alpacasweater

And here is the fruit of my labor over the past couple weeks. I finished up the front last night and started the sleeve when I came home from work. Then I was just checking the original picture, and I realized that I started the neck drop for the front way too low - even though it measured OK according to the directions. It seemed low to me when I was separating my neck stitches on the holder, but I trusted the directions and didn't have the picture in front of me. Well, if I decide to rip back, it's not that many rows and it should only set me back about an hour or hour and a half worth of work. I also noticed that the sleeve I started tonight should have been started w/ burgundy. I somehow assumed it was supposed to be olive. Why I assumed that, I have no idea. Guess it's the mental burn I've been feeling lately! At least that only means ripping back 10 rows of garter stitch.

And in hockey news -- THE PHANTOMS WON THE CALDER CUP!! 1998 and 2005 - How sweet it is! Who cares about NHL when all the excitement is right here in the AHL. I don't need a bunch of whining, overpaid players. All I need is some young guys with heart!

champs thecup

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Missing in action

So, yes it seems I have been missing in action for almost a month. I have been severely lacking in knitting motivation lately. I haven't even been checking in on my bloglines feeds.

So tonight at LIC SnB, Chia tells me that Secret Pal 5 has been closed??? Closed! But I just checked the blog on May 30th and it hadn't been updated since like February! So tonight I fired up the computer for what seems like the first time in weeks and go to the site. No updates. So I get the great idea to check the comments - UGH!!! She posted the new SP5 site in the comments!!! So I miss out again. Seems I wasn't the only one to miss out though - there were a couple of other knitters that didn't notice the post in the comments about the new site either. Does anyone out there know of any other knitter exchange lists out there? Or is SP5 the only one?

I guess I should be thanking my lucky (or unlucky) stars that I did miss the sign up for SP5. I have been very busy at work trying to get my line together for Spring 2006. Then my acid reflux started to act up again (stress anyone???) and I missed 3 days of work putting me behind by about a week. My Spring line was supposed to be in by Monday - I only have 20 styles done! I'm missing about 30-40 styles, and that's just for August market! I'm going to need to do at least another 80-100 styles to fill up September - November market. I feel like I am perpetually behind in my new job. Just when I think I've caught up - BAM! something else comes along and messes me all up. In two weeks, I'm supposed to be starting my collection for Fall 06. Ugh! I don't even want to think about it!

Hopefully check back in tomorrow and I should have some knitting related work up. Lucky is done, but not sewn together. My fairisle is looking pretty good and should have the front done very shortly. I am itching to start on the Hot Lava Cardigan and need to get the fairisle done ASAP! Still haven't received my yarn from England that I ordered on the 31st of March for my boyfriend's sweater - even though my card was charged! This is getting ridiculous..........